Mini CCTV Systems

Mini CCTV Systems

cctv1Our Residential CCTV camera systems will help to protect you and your property from the unwanted attention of thieves, vandals, and unwanted callers. Such systems can monitor your property in your absence, and alert the authorities in the event of any trouble.

  • Discreet installations to suit the surroundings
  • Fully weather proof
  • Infrared CCTV cameras for use at night

Our Mini CCTV Systems are a perfect partner for our automated gates systems, working well together, monitoring and recording movements around your house, along with the overview of your gates being constantly recorded. These mini CCTV packages come in various sizes and packages with a starting price of £1990.00 for a tyip[cal 2 camera system including anti- vandal cameras, with varifocal lens, 500gb DVR, monitor and all electrical works. We can provide upto a 32 Camera System

We also offer our Samsung or Sony PTZ Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras these cameras are ideal for watching, gates, stables, horses, your house, they can be pre-set to pick and record/alert and be viewed via your I-phone. With a static IP address you can watch your house live from anywhere in the world.

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