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Intercoms – GSM Audio Intercom & Access Control


Two modern designed two wire Video Intercoms offer a stylish alternative to the standard video intercom units. The Monitors have internal memory plus slot for removable SD card (not included).They records series of pictures or footage.

Dimensions of monitors: W 250mm x H 153mm x D 30mm On screen menu selections: Adjust volume, Colour, Brightness, Scene mode, Change ring-tone

A series of pictures are taken automatically when someone rings the bell or can be taken manually at any time. The loud speaker has 15 different ring-tones.

The System allows you to check outside and talk to people outside at any time you wish to, even if no one rings the bell.

This system transmits video and audio through the power cable. The best video quality with 0.7-1mm twisted cable to ensure the video signal is strong. Minimum requirements 0.5mm twisted cable or CAT5 cable paired up. No other cable is required. For connection distances up to 150 metres between doorbell camera and power supply and another 150m between power supply and monitors.

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